Listen…quietly now…can you hear it?  Change.  It’s in the wind.  And no, I’m not referring to this week’s election (I’ll leave that others to dissect).  The change I’m referring to is one closer to home, one with a #CX #CEM #CXP #CXO at its core… 

For those who missed it, yesterday witnessed the CX world’s ongoing evolutionary progression, as the CX market took yet another step forward.  This time, it involved a marriage, played out on the social media stage.  I won’t digress and go into the details of Who just yet, avoiding such distractions for now.  (Suffice to say, we wish them well.)  Instead, let’s briefly focus on the other two W’s, the What, and the Why.

WhatA leading SaaS EFM software player joined forces with a leading research firm.  What?  Well, if you’ve been following our posts, there’s little reason to be surprised.  Yesterday’s development serves as a pragmatic response to individual shortcomings each player grappled to resolve in the market: great software, but lacking research expertise; and great research, but lacking leading edge EFM software.  The marriage of these two players brings to bold relief one of our core messages.  What…have we been saying from day one? 

WhySoftware alone is not enough.  At duSentio, we’ve been banging the drumbeat of this mantra from day one.  Great software reporting platforms are a necessary, but insufficient, foundation of any world-class VoC program.  As technology continues to reshape the CX market, research acumen alone has itself been similarly relegated to the role of necessary but no longer sufficient to deliver world class VoC programs.  To meet today’s CX market demands, indeed to survive in this market, both are required.

We’re not alone in this assessment, as no less than the esteemed Bruce Temkin recently agreed. Quoting from a recent post, “running a leading-edge VoC program requires more than a technology platform.”  As Temkin explained:

To implement a world-class VoC program, companies need to undergo significant change. It takes a combination of:

  • CIA Platform for gathering customer data, uncovering insights, and sharing actionable insights across the organization.
  • Skills for defining research methodologies, managing the data flow, analyzing data, and building processes for sharing actionable insights and driving continuous improvement.
  • Governance for ensuring that the company makes changes across the company  based o n the flow of actionable insights.
    Bruce Temkin,                   

As we pointed out recently, “Companies accustomed to CX research expertise and ongoing service partners on the one hand, but seeking the newest, most powerful online VOC reporting sophistication on the other, face a dilemma.”  The market continues to respond to this dynamic, duSentio being one response, yesterday’s events another.  Both are welcomed, certainly, as we too were formed to meet these new market expectations.  Attention will continue to be focused on the convergence of software and research, and rightly so for, as we began so we end, change IS in the wind

A closing note: We welcome our new peers at @MaritzCX and wish them the best in their new venture.  The market requires competition, which necessitates choices.  At the end of the day, it comes back to our core beliefs, expertise and ability to deliver compelling VoC programs.  And at duSentio, we’re confident in each, for as we like to say…We. Know. How.