Having previously worked for and/or actively partnered with the top customer experience players in the EFM/CEM space over the last two decades, I feel pretty confident that I'm in tune with many of the challenges (and client expectations) we're all grappling with. I use the royal 'we' here, encompassing the 3 primary players populating today's customer experience landscape: Research experts; SaaS software experts; and the clients that hire them. With that in mind, I offer the below observations and thoughts...but first, a cautionary tale

  • It happens to everyone. You finally get invited to that important cocktail party, giving you the opening you’ve been waiting for to befriend the host, a respected leader, only to find your nemesis, that person who seems to relish one-upping you, is already there. This isn't the first time, and you've tried ignoring and avoidance on previous occasions, to no avail. So, what should you do?

Simply put, stop ignoring the problem. Leaving blinders on and pretending the challenge isn’t there, hoping it won’t arise (again), won’t help you win the host’s favor when the challenge comes—and it will, as it has before. Ignoring the threat is not only wrong-headed, it’s futile.

Take the Blinders Off. Applying this little cocktail party scenario to the customer experience landscape, whether you’re a ‘classic’ customer research professional or a ‘cutting edge’ EFM/CEM SaaS software player, to meet the needs of today’s CX clients you need to open your eyes to today’s reality:

  • For the former, classic customer research without cutting edge online reporting systems is no longer enough—clients demand more.
  • For the latter, cutting edge online reporting systems may open doors and win clients in the near term, but they’re also not enough—clients demand more.

As the SaaS EFM/CEM market has rapidly matured within the existing CX market, early client adopters’ initial excitement over the software’s promise has been tempered by the reality that the SaaS software is necessary but insufficient to fulfill all their needs.

Battle lines are being drawn as we speak, so the question remains, what are you doing today to address this new dynamic? Let us know your thoughts, or contact us with any questions at info@duSentio.com.