Want your new customer experience initiative to succeed?  Well then, don’t forget to address these 4 E’s along the way:

Evaluate—Before you get started, you’ll avoid a lot of heartache down the road if you begin by  evaluating each of the following:

  1. Defining success.  How will you define success, and will this be convincing in the C-Suite?  Does this align with how the business (your leadership) will define it for you?   
  2. Measuring success.  Will you have access to the necessary metrics to convincingly track and communicate the progress of your CX initiative?  Without access to the right metrics, ones that will carry the weight to build a convincing case, even the best laid plans may fall on deaf ears if you aren’t speaking in terms that resonate. 
  3. Level of support.  Who’s on board with the new initiative?  Is the CEO fully embracing the planned approach and related expenditures? 
  4. Avoiding roadblocks.  Who are the critical champions (or obstacles) for the new CX initiative to be effective?  For those less than excited about your plans, you need to understand the source(s) of their resistance.  Once you know that, you can develop plans to address either their concerns or their resistance. 
  5. Mapping the customer journey.  What are the critical milestones of the customer experience, both onstage (customer facing) and back stage (behind the scenes)?  You can’t measure what you don’t know, so be sure to understand the entire customer journey before attempting to measure your performance.

Educate—Successful CX transformation initiatives don’t happen in a vacuum.  Now that you know where you stand in terms of internal support (both champions and detractors), you need to develop and implement an effective communication plan to get the word out. 

  1. Let the champions know what you will need and expect of them—then leverage their support by pulling them in, getting them involved. 
  2. As for detractors, having identified these sources and points of resistance, use what you know to develop real solutions for them (if possible), or at a minimum convincing ways to address their concerns.  At the same time, remember that your champions may be able to help as well, so give some thoughts to how best to leverage them wisely.

Empower—Technology today makes it possible to empower both sides of the customer experience.  Begin by empowering your customers to make their voices heard through as many channels as possible (within the budget you have to work with, of course).  At the same time, empower your front line and ops teams to hear the customers’ voice, putting customer data at their fingertips, pulling in the customer voice through both structured (customer surveys) and unstructured (text analytics, social media) means, then distilling and presenting it in an easy to digest format. 

Energize— If you succeed in each of the above (evaluating, educating and empowering), you have the ability to energize your firm’s approach to the customer experience.  This new energy source will be the power needed to achieve a truly transformed customer experience, ultimately creating a ‘virtuous cycle’ of change whereby:

  1.  service slip ups are identified
  2. individual pain points addressed, and
  3. systemic solutions developed to avoid future reoccurrences. 

In the end, your goal is to create a closed-loop system empowering customers to speak, front line staff to hear and act, document then track their progress on this critical feedback.  By remembering to embrace these 4 E’s, you will go a long way to ensuring the success of your new CX endeavor.  

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